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What is friendship…..?

What is friendship…..?

What does friendship mean to me?

A friendship is a mutual understanding, respect, love, trust, generosity and care between  people. Friendship shall not have boundaries, nor limitations. Judgement or jealousy has no place in it.  Friendship has no age limit and no gender preference… it shall make you smile and your heart leap with joy….

Think about it, you can be friends with your mother or your father, your sister or brother, a grandparent, a child, your teacher or your neighbor. Your friend can be your pastor or rabbi, a doctor or a nurse. Your friend, can be anybody. Friendship is a relationship that is enjoyed by all in it and when it embodies all the qualities listed above, a friendship can be endless. It is a gift to be cherished……..

This week we had two of the most incredible friends staying with us at Fountain of Youth. They were sisters and everything was better when they’re together! They are each other’s ultimate support system! And we are honored to of aided them in their post-operative recovery.

In my life – my family are my best friends – it’s rewarding to know and feel that they feel the same way….. 💗💗💗

Happy belated National Best Friends Day!


With lots of love,



Please be mindful, I am not a doctor, dietitian, nor a nutritionist. Each post is opinion and personal experience based.

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