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The tree of life… what does it mean and what does it represent to me…

The tree of life… what does it mean and what does it represent to me…

……birth, growth, development, family, emotions, wellness and love – that’s what The Tree of Life represents to me. Our roots are the strongest part of our beginning. When the roots are stable the trunk grows strong and full of branches with leaves…

As a metaphor, I look at the tree as a family… your grand ancestors built up your foundation as the roots, your parents are the trunk that supports and raise you and the branches are you and your siblings that multiply the family and the new green leaves is new life that we all produce. Each one of us plays a major role in creating a new life.

The water gives the family nutrients to stay strong and healthy, fresh air gives us oxygen to breathe…and the next tree is another family to enjoy the forest we live in…..

Can  you imagine the calmness and tranquility , a piece of mind and wellness that a forest provides, … we as people with love, compassion and care can provide this tranquility and peace in the world…..

this is my view of Tree of Life………


With lots of love,



Please be mindful, I am not a doctor, dietitian, nor a nutritionist. Each post is opinion and personal experience based.

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