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You live the way you think!

You live the way you think!

……. We always think. Our mind drifts from thought to thought throughout our waking moments. I believe that we also think while we sleep………

I am sure many of you heard of the statement …”the power of positive thinking”… I truly believe it exists. Our thoughts create a vision in our heads… If the thoughts are positive and happy the vision instills happiness and positive attitude, endless smiles and laughter, motivation and creativity. If the thoughts are negative – the results are sadness, apathy, agitation, irritation, frustration, and an overall distraught way of life. Therefore our mood depends on what we think.

We can control our thinking process every minute of our day and even at night while asleep… If we start thinking positive thoughts and create a beautiful vision in our mind before we fall asleep our dreams will become colorful and happy and we will wake up smiling and thankful for a new beautiful day.

Book  – “THE SECRET” in detail explains the positive thoughts that we release to the universe, which in turn returns to us  in abundance. It teaches us to create positive and wishful scenarios in our mind and envision them being real, the result is the achievement of  your own creation. That is the power of positive thoughts..

My wish to all of you is to think positive thoughts, create and envision your wishes, be thankful, and happy… IT IS AN ATTAINABLE task… Do it daily… I DO!

Be happy, smile  and believe in your power of positive thought!

With love

Always,  Jenny


Please be mindful, I am not a doctor, dietitian, nor a nutritionist. Each post is opinion and personal experience based.


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