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DESSERT – Food for the soul………….

DESSERT – Food for the soul………….

Most of us  crave and periodically eat dessert! Sweets make us smile, be happy and satisfied.

Happy people enjoy life, isn’t it what we all want – is to enjoy life?!…

That’s why I make dessert as one of my daily meals. As I have mentioned previously – digestion is a very important process of the meal. Each food takes a different amount of time to digest. The fastest digestive process belong to berries – they take between 15 minutes to an hour… Depending in the form they are consumed. If eaten raw and not mixed with other fruit they take the shortest amount of time for digestion. If eaten after dinner as dessert the process may take hours, as previously consumed meal will take priority of digesting first… All Fruits in my opinion shall be eaten in the morning hours as it is a great way of keeping a sugar level up with natural fruit sugar..

In order to shorten the digestive process and stay healthy I follow a simple rule of meal preparation and consumption…. Best way, in my opinion, is to separate food based on their digestive process. I do not mix the carbohydrates and proteins. If eaten together the digestion is very long.

… Dessert – in alternative way of eating is recommended to be consumed either an hour or half an hour before a meal or as a separate meal.  I have eaten in the restaurants where the waiters come by and ask what would you like for dessert? Before they ask for your choice of appetizer or a meal choice for lunch or dinner.. It may not be a traditional way but made me happy and satisfied. I did have a smaller meal about a half an hour after the dessert which made me eat less and still be content with a complete meal. But in my opinion having a dessert as a completely separate meal is the best way have a daily dessert and satisfy your soul!

I believe that this meal shall be mid afternoon around 2-4 PM as that is when we feel most tired during the working hours and need a boost. A  dessert of choices like peanut butter and apple or celery, or a scoop of  ice cream, including hot fudge on top,  a cookie, or just a piece of chocolate…. This will satisfy your craving and after dinner you will happily skip dessert …….

…. I have suffered with weight issue most of my life and this is the only way I can satisfy my sweet tooth and enjoy my dessert daily………. As anyone who knows me knows – I love desert and eat dessert too!


With lots of love,



Please be mindful, I am not a doctor, dietitian, nor a nutritionist. Each post is opinion and personal experience based.

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